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In This Masterclass, You'll Learn...

The Biggest mistake you have to avoid as a parent. This will add lot of value to your family.

Discover the formula to Happy Parenting. Help your children achieve everything in their life

Magical Secret that leads to peaceful work life and balance in the complete family.

Instinctively know how to get your kids’ attention whenever you need them to do something.

Proven strategies to make Your kids listen and cooperate.

Proven Parenting Techniques that can positively impact your kids’ brain development.

You will learn how to control your anger outbursts towards your KIDS.

You will learn how to Stop feeling like a “bad parent”

You will learn how to become a calm, relaxed and patient parent.

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How will your life change

  • You will Stop yelling, spanking or threats at your child.

  • They’ll stop misbehaving and ignoring your directions.

  • No more tantrums, meltdowns and anger outbursts.

  • You and Your KIDS will live a Happy life.

  • You’ll stop feeling annoyed or frustrated because kids don’t do what you ask.

The Real Reason You’re Yelling At Your Kids

It’s not your fault – this is a cycle that’s often passed from generation to generation…

  • If your parents have yelled at you, those memories are deeply engrained in you and that’s now your instinctive response

  • Nothing that you’ve tried so far seems to work

  • Nobody has given you a fool-proof solution to stop yelling once and for all (but this ends today!)

Scientists Say That Kids Who Are Yelled At…

👉May experience shrinkage in key regions of their brains. Several studies confirmed that their brains might be smaller than “normal”.

👉Are more likely to experience depression and anxiety. They can struggle with regulating their emotions and are more prone to being angry and aggressive.

👉Might have lower confidence and self-esteem

and can experience a feeling of “worthlessness”.

👉Might develop their IQ at a slower pace. They can have trouble learning, have slower language development and struggle in school.

“Yelling at children may have consequences that go beyond those of spanking. Parents who yell may miss out on a chance to teach children to regulate their emotions.”

Stephanie Parade, PhD, professor of psychiatry and human behavior, Brown University

“New work from HMS researchers suggests that parental verbal abuse can injure brain pathways, possibly causing depression, anxiety and problems with language processing.”

Elizabeth Dougherty, Harvard Medical School


Mission to carve diamonds out of stone fuels his fire. Amit Batra is a retired army officer turned entrepreneur famously known as AB among Parents, Children and Teachers.

He is a kids life coach, teacher's trainer and an expert in unraveling the mysteries of the subconscious mind through the science of handwriting analysis. This science is extensively practiced in the USA and European countries for a wide range of applications.

AB has impacted 100s of children, parents and teachers over the last couple of years. He has been helping teachers and parents to identify and remove roadblocks to a child's path of excellence. What began as a journey of self transformation for AB has grown into a mission to create leaders of tomorrow out of young kids.

He has an uncanny ability to connect with children at ease, overcoming all kinds of generation gaps.



Who is this Parenting Masterclass For ?

✅ Parents with young children who are looking for new strategies to manage their child's behavior and improve their relationship.

✅ Parents who want to learn how to build strong bonds and relationships with their children.

✅ Parents of teenagers who want to learn how to communicate effectively with their children during this challenging stage of development.

✅ Parents with children who have special needs who want to learn how to provide the best support and care for their child..

✅ Working parents who want to learn how to manage their time effectively and maintain a work-life balance while also being a good parent.

✅ Parents who want to learn how to manage their own stress and anxiety while also being a good parent..

2-HOUR "LIVE" Masterclass


✅ 26-MAY-2024 - 11:00 AM IST (BOOKING OPEN)

*This Masterclass helped 1000s of parents

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What you will get In Addition with this Masterclass

As parents, we all want our children to be happy, healthy, and successful. But with so much conflicting advice out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

That's why we're excited to introduce our new ebook, "Raising Confident Kids: Tips and Strategies for Raising Happy and Healthy Children."

Our ebook is packed with practical advice and proven strategies for helping your children thrive. You'll find plenty of helpful tips and insights in this eBook.

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*This Masterclass helped 1000s of parents


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